Labour & Employment

Our firm frequently advises individuals, multi-national corporations, listed companies, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies and brokers in connection with their labour and employment rights, obligations and governing regulations.

We are equipped to guide our clients through all stages of the employment process, from advising as to the rights and obligations of all parties, to drafting the employment contract and, if necessary, enforcing the terms of that contract through injunctive relief and other Court processes.

Our firm also advises senior management and c-suite executives as to the law governing their employment contract and the statutory rights (arising from the recent changes to the Employment Act) and contractual benefits to which they are entitled when that contract expires or terminates.

One particular area of expertise of our firm is Directors and Officers insurance claims (also known as D&O and E&O). We specialise in advising companies on issues of D&O/E&O insurance, in defending Directors and Officers against shareholder and third-party actions and in pursuing coverage actions against insurers to secure an indemnity in respect of any third-party liability.

Given the international nature of business in the Asia Pacific region, we work extensively with other law firms to ensure that our clients can quickly secure work passes and visas on behalf of their employees in advance of any assignment to the region.

We work with the same “best friend” firms to enforce the rights of our clients when judgment or award upon the employment contract is given in one jurisdiction and must be enforced against the employer or employee in another.

Some of our notable cases include:

  • Advising a senior professor at a major university in a prominent Southeast Asian country further to allegations of misconduct made against him by the university and consequential disciplinary proceedings.
  • Advising a Singapore country manager of an international marketing and communications company in respect of his rights further to a non-compete agreement entered into with his previous employer.
  • Advising a prominent multinational chemical company in respect of employee complaints and whistleblowing incidents in a major chemical plant in India (working with Indian counsel).
  • Acting for a regional oil and gas services company in investigating and taking action against a senior c-suite employee suspected of carrying out a bribery scheme to win prominent contracts.
  • Advising a major Southeast Asia based global IT services company in respect of a significant claim under their Directors’ and Officers’ insurance policy arising from an investigation conducted by the Singapore authorities into 3 officers of that company.
  • Advising a Canadian based fund in respect of a fraud committed by a General Manager of one of their companies in China.
  • Advising a major Korean based international cosmetics company in relation to misconduct carried out by their head of procurement in a prominent Southeast Asian country.
  • Advising a major hedge fund manager on his employment rights under Singapore law following his departure from fund in Singapore.
  • Advising a multinational medical devices company on their termination of a number of their senior employees (leading to TADM mediation in Singapore).

In acting on behalf of both employers and employees, we recognise that labour and employment matters are deeply personal and that relationships may extend for many years. As such, we understand that a unique skill set is required to advise our clients as to the legal and equitable result that all parties should achieve when negotiating the terms, and termination, of the relationship.