Giving Back

Our firm strongly believes in giving back to the communities that we serve on behalf of our clients. And we demonstrate this belief in three tangible ways that support all those living in the communities within which our advocates and professional staff are privileged to work each day.

First, all our advocates support the Singapore Law Society’s Pro Bono Scheme. Our advocates aim to provide at least 20 hours of pro bono service per year, either through the Law Society’s scheme or the various registered charities and not for profit organisations that we support.

Second, each calendar year our firm aims to donate a percentage of our profit after tax to registered charities that we select following extensive consultation with our clients.

Third, our firm supports various registered charities through fund raising and social activities that our clients support and which are arranged by the various business associations and chambers of commerce in which we participate. Those charities tend to have regional and global reach and look to help those in countries where we support our clients, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

As part of building long term relationships with our clients, we are always looking at ways to expand our Giving Back program to registered charities that our clients support. We want to align our firm with the philanthropic values of our clients and are always pleased to discuss the inclusion of our clients’ preferred charities in our Giving Back program.