Sharpe & Jagger Receives Prestigious Insurance Law Firm Awards

03 Sep 2021

The 5 Star Insurance Law Firm and Lawyers Awards

Sharpe & Jagger LLC, and founding partner Justyn Jagger, have received the prestigious 5-Star Insurance Law Firms and Lawyers Awards 2021, presented by Insurance Business Magazine.

The Methodology

To determine the top insurance law firms and legal talent in Asia, Insurance Business Asia obtained feedback from in-house legal counsel, insurance industry professionals and lawyers over a 15-week period. Through in-depth phone interviews with the research team, insurance professionals and General Counsel provided input to the research team on the law firms and insurance law specialists they admired. These professionals hailed from different countries, and their input helped to cultivate a well-rounded group of leading lawyers and law firms.

The research team also received peer recommendations from members of the legal industry on the law firms and lawyer they would endorse to others. The names presented were ranked based on the quality of work, level of specialist expertise and service delivery to clients. At the end of the research period, a total of 19 law firms and 19 lawyers received 5-star ratings based on these criteria. These were named the first ever 5-Star Excellence Awardees in insurance law in Asia. For more information visit


We are humbled and privileged to receive these awards. And we are greatly indebted to our clients who trust us with their most complex insurance matters. Without that trust, we would not be able to act on behalf of clients across the insurance industry, including cover holders, brokers, insurers, reinsurers and their consultants, in resolving some of the most challenging coverage and quantum disputes that have arisen recently in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

To receive this recognition within two years of creating an independent, sector focused dispute resolution law firm is a great testament to the outstanding quality of all our lawyers and the work that those lawyers have performed for our clients since our foundation.

As a boutique law firm instructed to to act in the most complex claims, we do not rely on a network of international offices, a large marketing spend or agreements that preclude us from acting for one sector of the industry against another. Instead, we rely on five key principles.

Our Five Core Principles

Quality. Every step we take during the instruction is driven by providing the highest quality of insurance law counsel to our clients and to the Court or Tribunal before which we appear. That extends throughout our team and the expert third parties that we identify and instruct.

Clarity. Our counsel is clear and concise. It is rendered to provide a commercial solution for our client’s consideration and a compelling submission for the Court or Tribunal’s acceptance. If the advice is clear and concise, it will be understood and accepted.

Efficiency. As commercial dispute resolution lawyers, we have to add value to our client’s business. As such, we always seek to achieve the optimum result at the minimum cost through discussion, mediation and, if settlement is not possible, through determination.

Transparency. Our firm is transparent. We list our expertise, experience, qualifications and rates on our website. We focus on key sectors, including insurance and reinsurance. We are not driven by billing targets and we only accept instructions if we can truly add value.

Community. We believe in giving back. Both to the communities in which we live and work and to the industries that we serve. We frequently publish insurance sector focused articles and present workshops webinars that are open to all members of the insurance community.

A Huge Thank You

From all the members of our firm to all the companies, organisations and people who have supported our mission of providing clear, sector focused advice of the highest quality at a reasonable cost, thank you for making our firm, and the recognition of our firm, possible.


Justyn Jagger

Justyn Jagger

Stephen Cheong

Justyn Jagger

Samuel Sharpe

Sam Sharpe

Sinyee Ong

Sinyee Ong